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Call of Duty Warzone - Secrets of the Pacific locations

We've got all the locations for the secret interactables hidden throughout Verdansk

The Secrets of the Pacific event is live right now in Call of Duty: Warzone! This limited-time selection of challenges acts as the latest tease towards the new map - Caldera - coming December 9 for all players. In this event, players must jump back into Verdansk and interact with six distinct objects hidden throughout the map, then survive long enough to unlock a reward for finding it.

But where do you find these items? We’ve jumped in and tracked down each and every one so you can save time scouring the map and collect those sweet prizes as soon as possible.

Warzone Secrets of the Pacific - Jailbreak location

For this challenge, make your way to Prison and travel to the showers at the bottom of the structure (this will look like the Gulag arena). Once you’re there, make your way to the south of the room, near the hole in the wall. On a bench, you’ll find a red ping pong bat which you can interact with.

Warzone Secrets of the Pacific - On the Air location

Drop down to the Verdansk Train Station and make your way to the electronics shop across the road from the station’s south side. This building is a large two story structure surrounded with a black,red and white trim.

Go inside and make your way to the main product room, where you can find televisions and other electronic goods on display. At the far end of the room away from the front doors, you’ll find a standing microphone that you can interact with next to a typewriter.

Warzone Secrets of the Pacific - Fast Food location

To complete this challenge, travel to the Airport and head inside to the area filled with different shops. You need to climb up to the second floor of this room, and run over to the fast food restaurant on the western side of the building. On the counter, you can interact with an old-school cash machine.

Warzone Secrets of the Pacific - On Your Feet location

This one isn’t too difficult to collect. Venture over to the Hospital and walk to the main road that separates the two halves of the building (underneath the catwalk). There will be a ground level door to the south hospital building next to a red bin. Walk through and enter the operating room to your right. The interactable will be a small blue box on the operating table.

Warzone Secrets of the Pacific - Abandoned location

To find this hidden interactable, make your way to the old mine at the western border of Verdansk. Enter the mine through the mine shaft under the easternmost building with two large rocks in front of it.

Walk along the mine cart track until you reach an open area filled with wooden boxes where you can drop down to your right. Do exactly that, and you can find the interactable underneath the mine cart tracks next to a wooden box and grey barrel.

Warzone Secrets of the Pacific - Secrets location

The final interactable challenge is a rough one. It can be found in any of the three World War 2 bunkers on the map. As such, you’ll either need to try and check as many as you can in a single match, or go to one and quit the lobby if it isn’t there.

For those who don’t know, the bunkers can be found:

  • Near Boneyard under the red storage containers to the east of the landmark location. Take the grapple down to make your way inside the bunker.
  • West of the Airport. Travel all the way west past the hangers until you reach the western edge. You can find red shipping containers north of the radio tower and two barracks buildings.
  • North East of Array, a little bit up from the main road. The stack of red containers are easier to see here among the trees, but if you’re struggling to find them start directly under Array and walk North East until you reach them.

Once you’re in a bunker, search around the desks and tables spread around the area. You’ll find a collection of small battleships you can interact with on the inside. Due to the difficulty and touch of randomness with this challenge, we recommend you leave it to last.

That wraps up our guide to the Warzone Secrets of the Pacific event! If you’re looking for even more Warzone content leading up to Caldera’s release, we recently covered the Operation Flashback mode added to Warzone that you can check out!

Activision Blizzard, the publishers of Warzone, are currently in the midst of legal battles thanks to reports of sexual misconduct and harrasment widespread within the company. The latest update to this story comes from Nintendo, as Nintendo America CEO Doug Bowser called the scandal “"distressing and disturbing" in a recent email to staff.

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